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5 Tips For Staying Motivated During Your Job Search

November 3, 2021

Job searching can feel like a mindless cycle of submitting resumes and refreshing your inbox only be left in the dark about your application status. It is easy to lose motivation during this seemingly endless process and neglect what made you begin looking for a new opportunity in the first place.

Recruiters weighed in on this topic, using their knowledge of the hiring process and personal job search experience to come up with five tips for staying motivated during the job search process.

1. Be Tenacious 

Rejection is just another step closer to finding the right opportunity. As a Recruiter wrote, “A job search is similar to a maze. You will go down wrong routes multiple times only to get rejected, but you have to keep trying to find the way out. That is when you find your dream job!”

2. Stay Organized

Adequate preparation can ease the woes of job searching. An HR leader offers her wisdom on this topic, “If you want to find a job sooner rather than later, make quantifiable goals for yourself. Apply to a set amount of jobs every week and remember to take notes on the positions you are applying for. While it’s good to be motivated in the number of applications you submit, a poor response during a phone interview such as, ‘I have applied for so many jobs.. which one is this again?’ could hurt your chances on landing the opportunity.”

3. Remain Positive

Think of denial from employers as a way of agreeing that the opportunity wasn’t a mutual fit and that there are still other opportunities out there. “One ‘no’ does not dictate your whole job search, keep your head up and continue searching. A better fit will always be around the corner, even if it takes longer to find than expected,” another Recruiter describes.

4. Utilize Resources

Whether you just graduated college or are well into your career, there are a variety of resources available to you. Leverage creativity in your search to help you break the application cycle and potentially get a leg up over other applicants. “Ask a friend to look over your resume to be sure that things are spelled correctly and that there is proper grammar. Sometimes another person can give you a tip that might improve your resume and set you apart,” another HR leader explains.

5. Have Patience

In the hiring process, it is easy to become agitated and impatient. Make sure that you give the employers ample time to go over your qualifications and skill set. A Recruiter explains, “Sometimes feedback takes longer than expected, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the company isn’t interested in you as a candidate!”

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