Diversity in STEM

As a women-owned business, the team at STEMHUNTER understands the importance of creating an inclusive hiring platform where job seekers can connect with diversity-minded employers. That’s why we created a smarter job board with transparency and honesty in mind. With STEMHUNTER, both job seekers and employers can feel confident that they are searching in the right place.

Diversity in STEM Stats

Black workers only make up


of all STEM jobs

Hispanic workers only make up


of all STEM jobs



of engineers are women

Median earnings for women in STEM occupations are about


of men’s median earnings in STEM


Michelle S.
Quality Manager
“Diversity in STEM is important to me because my personal experience throughout my career was negatively impacted due to there not being equal representation in my workplace. This caused me to not share all of my skills and talents, which hindered the success of my company's mission and objectives. Now that workplace diversity is becoming widely discussed, I advocate for generations behind me.”
Marina F.
Senior Auditor II
“Diversity in STEM is important because it fosters innovation and advancement. Teams that are made up of individuals with differing backgrounds and experiences are able to think outside the box and challenge the status quo.”
Matt M.
Project Engineer
"It is important to understand the value of diversity. I firmly believe that increasing diversity in STEM fields can promote an environment of creative innovation. Diversity leads to better solutions and higher ROI for teams. Leaders need to prioritize STEM diversity that is truly inclusive. "
Nikki S.
Software Product Owner
“Diversity in STEM is critical because it brings different viewpoints to the table. In the Software industry, it is almost a guarantee there will be diverse users interacting with the end product, making it extremely important to have diverse users building the product. This with ensuring minimal gaps in software development and a better product for end-users.”

Our Story

Growing up, Gabrielle Christman spent weekends tinkering around her father’s engineering lab and attending math competitions. She was pre-med in college and spent time in research and development at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation. In 2006, Christman took her scientific background to the staffing and recruiting industry after identifying a need for a better hiring experience for both STEM talent and innovative employers. Fifteen years later, she is recognized as one of the leading change agents and industry thought leaders for recruiting top scientific and technical talent. Through her experience, Christman recognized that hiring teams were spending countless hours searching for top talent on “generalist” job boards. In 2021, she created STEMHUNTER: a new-age hiring platform that offers job seekers a place where they can be confident in their job search and gives employers the platform and tools to reach them.

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