According to data compiled by TeamStage, motivated and engaged teams experience increased productivity, higher retention and greater profitability compared to unmotivated teams. However, the data also shows that only an alarming 33 percent of employees in the US feel motivated at work. If motivated employees have such a large impact on business success, shouldn’t managers focus on the ways they can engage and inspire their team at work? Below are six proven tips to increase motivation and engagement within your organization.

Recognize Accomplishments

When is the last time you recognized a coworker for a job well-done? Consider the ways in which you can formally and informally recognize the accomplishments of your team. Celebrate the small achievements of your coworkers by making time to stop by their desk or send them a thoughtful message. Recognize larger accomplishments by giving your team member a shout-out at a team meeting or in a company newsletter. If your organization doesn’t have a formal awards or recognition program, consider putting one in place as this is an excellent motivator and is likely to encourage greater team productivity.

Set Goals Together

A great approach to boost employee engagement is to allocate time to collaborate and brainstorm with your team to set specific and measurable goals. Discuss the “why” behind the goals and objectives your team is setting to make sure everyone is on the same page. Having your team be a part of the goal-setting process establishes transparency and intrinsic motivation to work towards the group’s objectives. Create goal check-in points to discuss progress and re-evaluate the goals if needed. Additionally, remember to celebrate when goals are met and continue to establish new goals and objectives that are clear and measurable with your team.

Include Others in Decision Making

Consider the ways you can get your team involved in decision making. From small, daily decisions to larger, more impactful changes, your team can offer value to the decision-making process. Give them the opportunity to provide feedback on current practices and leave room for any new ideas they may have. Including your coworkers in this way allows them to feel like their opinions are valued and their voice is heard. This builds team motivation and helps your employees understand why decisions are made to benefit the organization.

Offer Leadership Opportunities

Your coworkers might jump at a leadership opportunity if given the chance. Whether you give them an opportunity to head a project, contribute to the team in a different capacity or take the lead on a new initiative, offering the ability to take on additional responsibility is a great way to motivate employees and increase productivity. Continue to provide support to them in this new position and offer constructive feedback if needed so that they can be successful.

Set Aside Time For Non-Work Talk

When is the last time you caught up with your team? Setting aside time for your coworkers to get together outside of work is a great way to get to know each other’s interests and form a stronger team bond. This can be a formal, work-sponsored event or an informal check-in with a coworker. Creating these connection opportunities is a great way to communicate with your team in a different way and can support your organization’s positive culture and employee engagement.

Training and Development

Whether your coworkers have been at your company for months or multiple years, it is important to offer training and development opportunities for your team. Training can come in several different forms, but almost always requires team engagement in some capacity. Consider surveying the team on work-related topics they would like to learn more about or which skills they may like to further develop. Not only will you be giving your employees an opportunity to break up their day, you’ll also be providing your employees with useful skills for the future.

In conclusion, managers and organizations can benefit by making a conscious effort to inspire and motivate their team. By doing so, they can increase worker satisfaction, escalate business results and strengthen team productivity.

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