Top talent in scientific, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields can be hard to find using traditional recruiting methods. STEM professionals’ searches differently for new opportunities and your organization may need to think creatively and utilize new tools in order to get your jobs in front of these individuals. Below are five ways you can reach and engage talent in STEM.

1. Industry-Specific Publications

A great way to get in front of STEM professionals is to meet them where they already are. What kinds of magazines, podcasts, websites, etc. might your target candidates be engaging with? For example, if you are looking to bring on Chemical Engineers, Chemical Engineering Magazine might be a good place to advertise on. In some cases, these publications have their own job board, email newsletter or social media channels, which are additional opportunities to get your job postings in front of the right people.

2. Events

If you are trying to grow your hiring network in a particular area of STEM, look no further than events such as trade shows, conferences, seminars, etc. . There are many event options throughout the year in a variety of industries and specialties within STEM. These events, whether national, local or virtual, are a great opportunity to make connections in a specific space. By growing your connections, you can increase your network reach and bring more attention to your organization and critical roles.


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4. Colleges & Universities

When your organization is in need of fresh STEM talent, turn to colleges and universities. These institutions are guaranteed to have new graduates looking to enter the job market every year in a number of disciplines. Your organization can get in front of these prospects by posting on their university job board, attending career fairs and getting involved on campus. Through clubs, seminars or events, you can be targeted in your recruiting efforts to find the students with the experience and interests you are looking for.

5. Professional Organizations

When prospecting employees, professional organizations may not come to mind as a hiring tactic. However, there are organizations for a number of different interest groups and industries, allowing you to build your network in a particular area. In addition to making critical connections in your space, these organizations offer various events and promotional opportunities that you can utilize to build attention and awareness of your hiring efforts.

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